Author Topic: Looking for a Compression Vest that I can Wear During the Summer  (Read 6472 times)

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Hello everyone,

I am planning on buying my first compression vest in a few days, but I have a few questions I haven't come across elsewhere so I will ask them here.

First off, I sweat A LOT! I'm not that overweight but in the summer time you'd think that I just got out of the shower and started walking in the streets—that’s how much I sweat. So I need a vest that will not cause me to sweat any more than I usually do. I am already used to wearing two layers in the summer (a sleeveless undershirt that I wear very tightly and over that a regular short sleeve shirt). Is there any vest that isn’t hotter than a regular undershirt that’s worn very tightly?

Second, undergarments seem a little pricey especially considering that most look like regular undershirts. So I can’t afford to buy one very other week, so what is the toughest compression vest out there. One that won’t ware out even if I wear it every day. I mean of course it will ware out eventually but I need one that will at least survive a few months. I was hoping that something is out there on the market that is more like a strong vest and not a simple undershirt.  Is there any such thing and do most compression garments get loose as you wear them thereby reducing the compression effect?

Many Thanks in advance.


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There's a couple affordable options out there you can try:

1. Compression Undershirts from Cool Clothing USA - Prices range from $24 - $30.
2. Underarmour -

Personally, I haven't tried either of these compression shirts yet, but I've heard good things about Underarmour from other men who sweat alot and use them to protect their clothing. I think it might be worth trying out the ones from Cool Clothing USA as well, since they look to have a pretty nice shirt.

You may also want to try out some new undershirts from RibbedTee ( They are offering a cool, form fitting, ribbed, 100% cotton undershirt that has sleeves. You might want to try those out instead of the sleeveless shirts you are currently wearing. They also have a blog that's pretty informative.

Lastly, if you're looking for ways to minimize your sweating, you should read this article on Yahoo Answers:;_ylt=As1HOOy9lzOvC07kL2UcwiLsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080507185505AA3STFQ&show=7

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Hi, these are great- GC2compression. They are made for gynecomastia but they arent very thick and stiff. the tanks are great in the summer

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I have been wearing the GC2 tanks all last summer and so far this summer.. they are pretty good, but they aren't always that comfortable... unless I'm wearing a really tight belt they ride up a lot and the vest straps are really tight obviously which can be a bit irritating. They have lost some of their compression, but do still work "enough", but I wear them every single day, exercise in them and so on so they've had a lot of use.

I couldn't reccomend them enough! for the money they are great and will make you much more confident..

I'm about to order new shirts for this coming summer as in England it seems to be getting real hot real quick and I don't think it's going to go away this time! I am going for Underworks t-shirts this tmie as they are tighter round the belly as well and a t-shirt style should be more comfortable to wear and easier to explain to people if someone was to spot it...


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