Author Topic: Links of interest for those who choose not to get surgey.  (Read 19734 times)


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That's great Hammer! Congratulations!

I know that when I lost 40 pounds, I went down 2 pants sizes. In mens sizes I went from a 38 to a 34, in my women's jeans, I was a 16 and I now wear a 12. Because of my hips and bottom womens jeans fit much better.

I also lost a band size in my bras. Like you, I spend $75-100 a piece for my bras. However,  I lost little to no cup volume. My sister took took up on the bands and viola, I could wear them again. So don't throw away a $100 bra. Find a seamstress and have her take the band in and save a few dollars.

Finding a seamstress is a great idea, thanks!


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