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Like many of you, I have wide and shallow breasts.  I have been wearing pullover leisure bras with one size fits all cups for about 3 years.  They control the jiggling enough to mountain bike in one, they are pretty much invisible under a T shirt, sizing is a no brainer, and they don't project because they don't do anything with the sideboob.  I have more boob under my arms than on my chest, which seems to be a common complaint.

Lately I have noticed that I am filling the cups pretty well.  I have been assuming that I am around a 42B.  On a whim, I tried on one of my wife's 42D soft cup underwires, figuring the cups would be loose.  I did the swoop and scoop and was surprised to see that I filled the cups with only minor wrinkling.  I figured it must have stretchy cups but tried on a sexy white lace bra with a little bow in the front and it fit even better than the first one.  Eeek, I really am a 42D.

I told my wife I was stealing one of her bras and that it fits.  She thinks it is hilarious that we can wear the same bras.  I have learned to love and accept my breasts and at 72, I have more important things to worry about.  I have no intention of having surgery and figured it they kept growing, I would learn to deal with it.  That day is here, I have joined the D cup club.
The upside is that my choice of bras just increased exponentially.  Now I can browse the bra rack at my favorite thrift store and probably find bras that fit.  I am kind of looking forward to adding to my collection.  My wife seems OK with it.  So for you B cup guys who have not tried on an underwire bra lately, try it, you may be in for a surprise.  I sure was.


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Felix - Congratulations! (I think...) It must have come as a shock to discover that you were two cups bigger than you thought you were. It is great that you are now able to steal bras from your wife. Mine is 34DD and I’m 40B, so I don’t think this would work for me!

I’m still in the B cup club, thankfully, so I’m still able hide my boobs pretty well most of the time. Did you find that this was getting to be more of an issue as you grew in size, or is hiding yours not a priority? I’m not sure how I will feel if and when I get to the stage of not being able to conceal mine any more.

Like you, I have a lot of side boob. I much prefer to wear a conventional underwire, which I find more comfortable for everyday wear. It is great because it gets much of the underarm tissue corralled in the cups, so it prevents the problem of are rubbing on the underarms, which I hate. The downside, as you say, is that there is more forward projection, but comfort is always a priority for me.

One bra that I have found to be a useful compromise is the ‘Sloggi Women Move Fly’. This is a breathable sports bra that has underwires that curve down as normal at the back of the cups, but then run horizontally across the front, rather than curving up at the gore. This seems to spread the tissue across the front, with less separation and projection, plus the side boob is kept under control. I find it great for exercise, though I don’t like to wear a sports bra all day because of the constriction.


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