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I have been trying several different types of sports bras from different companies. I have also worn those sports compressions shirts for guys. Well, with those compression shirts...TOO HOT  :(  With the sports bras for gals..they are for that  :-\  So, right now I have a regular Danskin 'NOW' sports bra on but I found out that the ONLY place that sells that line is WallyWorld and they are very unreliable on having anything above a 40 band size. This is sad because Danskin makes this exclusively for Wally  :'( :'( :'( 

I talked to my wife about this and we came to the conclusion that maybe it would be better to make the bras ourselves for a male frame and something that was not crushing and hot and visible. Is this something we should consider? Are there other guys out there that might like this idea. It is not going to be some silly thing like that one from Japan (it is not really for support anyway just looks). It will be for a guy only and offer the support and stealthiness required for a guy. If a gal tried to wear it, well it just would not offer what they need. It would be under 50.00 and semi-custom made and available only mail-order to make it a little more confidential than going to the women's section at a store.  Let me know what you all think.



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  I had somewhat the same idea that I posted elsewhere on this site but I don't think anyone took it seriously as there were no responses to the idea. Just someone wondering why I use the name that I use.
  Personally, I think that you may be on to something. If they can be custom made to the desired sizes it seems as though they should sell.
  Wally*World is scaling down and trimming their stock as well as their line of goods. It seems that would add to the ability to sell since they don't have what many need and probably won't have it in the future.
  I wish you well on your endeavor should you go ahead with it.
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That would be a GREAT idea, just don't call it a BRA or anything like it, because 99% of the guys on here are to paranoid to wear it!  These compression vest are uncomfortable, and HOT!


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I have thought the same thing, that if someone who understands the problem and makes a custom garment that is not frilly, and something invisible as possible, it would do well.

Measurements that are true to form, not fudged where you have so much "error" from brand to brand.

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have you ever try to wear smaller size heavy cottonTshirts and then loose western shirts with two front pockets. i wear that to conceal.

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I think this is going in the right direction.

Some things to keep in mind:

The difference in the taper of the Male vs Female shoulder line. Separated straps would tend to fall off the shoulder on a man. Straps that were joined in a T or Y in back would be best. This would dictate either a pull on or front close garment.

Straps should be quite wide and very flat. Seamed edges could show through the outer clothing.

In addition to basic white, consideration should be given to neutral or flesh colored fabrics to (again) aid in concealment.

I agree with the observation that the name "Bra" should be avoided. Note that I simply referred here to it as a "Garment."

Initially, the garment would have an appeal only to those of us who are most heavily endowed. This would likely be only about 5% to 10% of all males. even so, this is a significant market for a new product. Properly handled and promoted, such a garment could become fashionable even among our flat chested brethren. If the latter supposition proves to happen, then the styles and colors could concievably become bold and frankly obvious.
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