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While looking at reddit, I saw where Bravissimo, as a joke for April Fools, posted about an inflatable lilo (air mattress) with cut outs for boobs. The response was so large that Bravissiomo has actually produced a boob friendly lilo (air mattress). I know in my own case I don't like having to lie on the girls. Don't know if I need an air mattress like this, but I can see why it is popular. Sure makes lying on the front more comfortable.



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I hear ya! I stopped laying on my front so many years ago I can't remember due to the girls! The only time I have done it is during acupuncture and the doctor set up the table to accommodate for the girls as well as back surgery! Dury surgery I was under,  so I didn't know much about after I got on the table.

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That is Awesome! I could definitely benefit from having 9ne of those! I haven't laid on my front for decades. The girls have gotten in the way. I'd like to see a lounge chair with the same features! 
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Here ya go 

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I really think that I will own one of these real soon! Thank you!


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