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So a quick about me. I'm 35. Issues with T started when i was a teen but didn't know it. Came from a really sheltered family .. homeschooled for a while .. church .. etc. I didn't start having puberty signs until later than all my friends. when i starting growing a little bit taller and finally started getting some body hair but that was light and brief. 
Over the last few years I brought up the pain and the swelling issue as well as crazy fatigue, hot flashes, etc. Never was taken seriously because "i gained weight"eventually i couldn't handle feeling terrible half  the time and started self medicating. Took opiates until 30 when i went to rehab. After being clean for a year fatigue and swelling came back. Dr. found a pituitary tumor  and T levels were @ 17 (min of range is 300 in the test) testicular failure w/ severe hypogonadism. 1 year of patches/gel numbers didnt get past 35. The Gynecomasia got worse.No change in treatment for a while because no one would look past the opiate use. Started shots a month ago .. they work better but the G got even worse.

Currently it's still getting worse. The pain is worst in the nipples but also now effects my breasts most of the time. The pain and fatigue made me depressed and unable to focus and its been hard to look professional with changing chest and weight and the constant hot flashes (compressions shirts/vests make me hot with the smallest amount of physical acctivity)

. After being sent home for not having an undershirt on (when i was wearing one) i started trying some tighter T shirts. Then 6-7 compression vests/shirts off amazon. I looked better because it stopped the movement  but compressing made the pain worse. I got a onezee compression suite that worked ok for a while but it wasn't realistic for daily use. I tried a chest binding thing and ace bandages. Anything thats pushes down my breasts or rubs my nipples hurts bad and makes the nipples irritated swell out.

The woman who does alterations on my clothing measures my chest and says the left side has a 2.5inch increase the right sight is bigger 3.25 inches. 38.5 goes to just under 42inches. The dr is going to keep increasing the dose every few shots as needed and we have a long long way to go to get my numbers even close the bottom of the range so im assuming this will be getting worse. I'm starting to get some back pain when working depending on the position im in (is that related??) If im standing up straight even with a tshirt my nipples stick out a lot and they are always hard now. if im leaning over, arms above my head, or doing something that pulls my shirt in around me i look well ... like a woman without a bra on .. if you look down the shirt i have cleavage.  

Right now the only relief for pain i have is  ibuprophen, cold packs, and if i push everything firmly kind of up and in from the armpits with my hands cupped underneath it seems to help for a few minutes when it gets bad.
I'm at the acceptance point now. I'm willing to do anything to help relieve the pain and but surgery isn't an option now and i don't know what to do. I even tried a sports bra on but it was just as painful as the compression shirt.

Any help or insight would be appreciated. I haven't been able to read a lot of the other threads because of present company so i apologize if im uninformed.

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Sorry to hear about all you've gone through! I lost my testicles after problems/issues from a vasectomy,   so my breast grew like well watered weeds after that. I'm a 46H now.

I would highly recommend a formal fitting and a good bra for proper support. As long as you are feeling pain you may be still growing so I would also not buy to many bras right now, just because you will need to keep going back for new ones as your size changes!

You have come to the right place for help, welcome to the forum!


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Bob is absolutely correct. You really should have a professional bra fitting. At least to establish a base line. This will put you in a bra that fits so you'll know how it's supposed to feel. Bras don't have to be the torture devices that some make them out to be. They can and should be comfortable and supportive. Let a professional help you get your first couple bras.
Bras aren't for women, they're for breasts.

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Yeah, i tired the one size fits all non-lacy bra-let today and it's just not enough support. 
There are so many types of bras im not sure what to get. I want a bra that pulls by breast up and in so they dont hurt so bad. How do i deal w people at work seeing the outline on my shirt>?


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Depending on where you live, you can dress in a way that they will not be able too tell that easy. Truth be told not to many people pay that close attention to detail. 

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Planet37, I remember well my fears about my bras showing through my shirts, and I discovered that the bras that conceal the best are the ones closest to my skin color. For me that's the "nude" colored ones. Also, I just don't wear a white shirt of any kind unless it is pretty thick material or I wear a Tshirt or camisole under it. I can't wear a front-close bra because my chest size requires a large band size, and those bras come with cups that are just too large, but those are the best for not showing the hook closures in the back. Also, patterned shirts don't seem to show the bumps from the strap adjusters as well as solid colors. There's just no disguising the bra, though, if someone hugs you or rubs your shoulder or back on top of your bra.
Everyone has to discover the bra style that is most comfortable for them, but I have found that underwire T-shirt bras with very light padding for nipple concealment are the best for support and most comfortable for me. Specifically, my go-to bra is a Bali One Smooth U Ultra Light Illusion Neckline Illusion style number 3439. You can find one at . I have found that One Hanes Place has better prices on them than anyone else except Ebay. I have bought some very nice used ones on Ebay, and sometimes even a brand new one. If you're buying a new one, though, be sure to compare the Ebay price with the price at One Hanes Place,, etc. to make sure you don't pay too much.
I hope something I have written helps. I'm happy to share about my experience with starting to wear a regular bra and buying them online, so if you have any more questions please feel free to ask here on the forum or PM me.


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Chestyoldman, is right about the front closing bra being less noticeable, but they usually are also  minimizer bras too, so sometimes they can become uncomfortable after several hour of wear! There was a time that was all I wore until I went for a formal fitting and got good fitting bras that were made for someone with 46H breast

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If you haven't quite gotten up the nerve to go in for a fitting (neither have I), a pullover type bra might provide enough support for you.  They are usually sized according to chest size and the cups are stretchy to accommodate almost any size breasts.  Mine are not that big, but one of them has a dull ache any time it is not supported for any length of time so I put on a bra as soon as I get up in the morning and take it off right before I go to bed at night.  I was concerned about the bra showing through my shirt, but I usually wear loose dark colored T shirts anyway so now I don't hesitate to go out in public or to family gatherings while wearing one.  Full frontal hugs and white T shirts are another matter.   Most of the time, my wife can't tell if I have a bra on or not.  Pullover bras don't have hooks or other hardware so they are easy to hide.  I am not sure how well they work with larger breasts because I haven't convinced my wife to try mine on yet but they work fine for me.  A Coobie Comfort Bra might be a good place to start.  You can mail order them and they are fairly inexpensive as bras go.  I also have a Rhonda Shear Ahh leisure bra that is very similar to the Coobie but it is much lighter and may not provide enough support for some folks.  If you are in pain, do something about it.  You won't believe the relief you feel the first time you put on a bra. 

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When a person is growing new tissue, most any kind of tissue in my experiences, can be painful because of certain nutritional deficiencies.  One also usually has some "non-specific" symptoms, fatigue is often part of it.   The 4 that go together to get going smoother and less painful tissue formation are  MeCbl, AdoCbl, L-methylfolate and L-carnitine.  With MeCbl, AdoCbl, L-carnitine, one has to try different forms of carnitine and MeCbl usuallly to find the one that works best for you.  Also potassium is needed for the symptoms that often accompany tissue growth.

These would tend to normalize hormones typically and I can't even make a guess whether it will affect the breasts. They never affected mine but sure did put a stop to a lot of healing and growth pain in other areas of the body.  I've never had breast pain.

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  • If you gat um flunt um.
I understand some of your pain and the upward compression of your breast to ease the pain.  My right side has been in pain for months, no growth just pain and I find that the right padded bra will reduce the pain greatly.  I am not a doctor and I don't understand it but it works for me and maybe it will work for you,  Best of luck.
If you got them flaunt them.  We all wear bras so wear what you like and to hell with the rest.

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If I understand your measurements correctly, you are a C or D cup, maybe a 38 band.  That is a very common bra size, and makes you the equivalent of a full-busted woman.  A woman who would not typically consider going out braless, unless she was looking for some "attention."
You will be amazed at how much more comfortable you will be in a bra.  Once you stop that breast movement, I think the discomfort will go away.  You will love the support, too.  The added benefit will be the nice shaping and uplift a bra gives you.  Your tops will look so much better on you and you will feel so much more confident.
A bra fitting is the only way to go.  Not to worry.  When you go in, the sales associate will immediately see you have breasts like a woman, and a busty one at that.  She will be impressed, but also amazed you have been going braless.  And she will want to help you look and feel your best


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