Author Topic: I have a few used garments for sale $100  (Read 1145 times)

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Hi guys,
I'm post op and I have a few garments that I used prior to my surgery and during recovery that I'm selling for. I have 4 different kinds that I used based on what I was wearing.
At the time I was using the garments I was 5'11, 185lbs,  33 - 34 waist. and my chest was about a 44". It was muscular up top and around the nipple the fat was about the size of a small tennis ball.
I have 3 Underworks Compression Mesh Tanks, 1 Xsist compression tank, 1 compression binder, 1 compression wrap.
They are all in good, working condition. The lighter garments are a little discolored from rubbing against darker clothes and picking up dye, but other than that, they are in great shape. They are all washed and ready to go.
They were great pre-op when I was wearing fitted clothes and helped with recovery after my surgery.



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