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There is an interesting article in Huffington Post, January 10, 2014, "Advice for Guys Who Wear Bras". The article acknowledges the growing number of men who have gynecomastia for the various causes but goes on to say that many men living with gyno chose to wear a bra for support and comfort.  The article also addressed the challenges guys face in finding a properly fitting bra and suggestions on locating and working with a local lingerie store to schedule a fitting. It sums up with how a guy living with gynecomastia feels so much more comfortable after finding a well fitting bra.


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its about darn time someone did recognize our issue in mass media , im sure other stories have cropped u[p but none that im aware of.


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It will help remove the "shame or taboo" the more that it is put out there so people learn that there are guys that wear bras because they need them for comfort!

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Here is the Author'a article on her own website that has a better comment section audience.

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I love that article and she has a second one on there now recognizing men for their own bra advice and taking those tips back to women to help them fit their breasts into the right bra. That's awesome men helping women find the right bra.
Bras aren't for women, they're for breasts.


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