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If you're like me, you have the burden of boobs yet have not the money to get them removed.  The only economical way to remedy the problem is to cover it up with compression clothing.  I, myself, have a black compression tank top from GC2 Compression.  I have never tried other brands of compression shirts, but I highly recommend GC2.  Their tank top really changed my life.

Yet still, there is the inevitable problem of vacationing in close quarters with other people.  To make things worse, there is no available washer and dryer.  I am actually on a vacation right now, and it's hot here!  After the first day, I quickly realized that a bigger problem than my boobs was the smell!  I had already cleaned my tank top beforehand and already it had turned to a raunchy cheese odor!  It was very embarrassing, but fortunately it wasn't pungeant enough for people to smell yet.  If I were to wait longer, it would have completely wreaked!  I had to act fast and come up with a way to secretly wash my compression shirt without a washer or dryer.  I believe I have come up with a fairly decent method for doing so and getting the shirt dry enough to wear soon afterwords.


    First, you need somewhere to wash.  Most likely you will have to wash your garment in the bathroom like I have to.  I do the washing before I shower on and while the shower is running; that way anyone nearby will just think I'm taking a shower.

    You will definitely need some kind of detergent.  If you can get your hands on clothing detergent(Tide, Gain, All, etc.) then you are good to go.  Chances are you don't have access it, so you'll have to use shampoo which contains detergent.  Don't use conditioner, since conditioner contains no detergent.  Conditioner can be used last if you only have hotel shampoo that doesn't smell good, and the conditioner can add a better smell.  If you have no access to detergent, you can use a bar of soap.  It will not work quite as well, but it's better than nothing.

    Two towels.  You can go with only one, but two towels will make things faster.

1.) Soak your garment in warm water.  Don't use hot water, since that can cause the spandex/lycra to lose its elasticity.  If you must, you can wash it in the shower rather than in the sink or tub.
2.) Get your detergent, be it shampoo, and squirt a decent amount on to your garment.  Thoroughly mix it around in the water and try to squeeze out as much residue as possible.  Do your best to clean the garment and do this several times, testing the smell of your garment to see if your efforts are effective.
3.) Once you have cleaned it as much as you can, remove the garment from the water and squeeze and wring it as much as you can to remove the leftover water.  Fortunately spandex/lycra does not retain water easily, but it can hold more than you'd think it would.  Wring it several times until there is virtually no water left.  This can take several minutes, but it is worth it.

Drying your garment

Method #1: Hair dryer
Most hotel rooms have a hair dryer handy.  You can use this to more quickly dry your clothing.  This method is fairly straight-forward but just remember not to use too much heat or hold it too close to your shirt.  Intense heat isn't good for spandex/lycra.  If you don't have access to a hair dryer, I have an alternative method which works for me.

Method #2: Towel-drying
When all else fails, this method should work well enough to at least get your garment dry enough to wear [mostly] comfortably.  There will still be a tiny bit of moisture left, but it's better than walking around with a stench.

To do this, you will need at least one towel.  Preferably two.  To do this:

1.)  On the floor, lay out a towel completely flat.
2.)  Lay your garment completely flat on top of the towel.  If you have a second towel, lay it on top of your garment and other towel, making a sandwich.
3.)  Walk around on top of the towel/garment sandwich.  Doing this repeatedly will help squeeze out extra water, which will be absorbed by the capillary action of the towels.
4.)  Flip over your garment and repeat.  Also turn your garment inside out a few times.  Repeat this until your garment is as dry as you can get it.

Well, this is my tutorial.  To those of you who use a compression garment, I bid thee good luck!


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Your description of washing and drying a compression tank top is good. I'd only add to rinse the garment two or three times after washing with detergent. Then go on with #3 of your instructions.

But what have you to hide? Compression tank tops, especially in black, are fairly common in athletes. So there is no need to hide those garments. Be comfortable while washing it. And don't hesitate to dry them on the balcony of your hotel/motel.

A bra is just an article of clothing for people with breasts.

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1.  Draw a sink full of warm water.   Not hot!

2.  Rinse the garment thoroughly and leave wet, drain the water.

3.  Put a small amount of detergent or shampoo on the garment and squeeze repeatedly to work up a good lather.

4.  Repeat steps 1 thru 3.

5.  Rinse repeatedly until the water no longer lathers.

Most of the water can be simply blotted out with towels, additional water can be extracted by rolling the garment up in a towel and swinging it. Do this at bedtime and the garment will be dry and ready to wear in the morning.

These days masculine undergarments can be found in a variety of fabrics including nylon and even silk. The nylon washes and dries easily and with only a few minutes effort each night you'll have fresh undergarments every day when traveling.
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