Author Topic: How to convince my mom to buy me a bra  (Read 2835 times)

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I am 20 yrs old I dont know when exactly my breast growth started and i dont know if its just fat or actually gyno but they are heavy now and I am obese I have thyroid no plans for surgery until I loose some weight and start earning I have some sports bra but I dont wear that too becoz it is easily visible under t shirt or shirt plus sports bra are uncomfortable when worn for long hours I have a training bra which my mom purchased for me(After asking 100 questions about my sexuality ) it is loose so I dont wear that too now I want to convince my mom for professional fitting it will be a better option I think I live in India so here people are more interested in someone's life than their thats why I dont dare to ask her I want to wear bras only in home so that its easy for me to handle my breast pic will be attached so that you can give suggestions


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why dont you just buy one yourself?

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why dont you just buy one yourself?

As I told you its India people will laugh on me they will say I am gay etc that's why I want my mom to come with me so that she can describe them the reason easily :/


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Yes young man, you are big like me and I also have a thyroid problem and have also lost my testicles, so I need a 46H bra for support!  I would say you are at least the same size if not a little bit bigger in the cup.

A professional fitting would be the way to go for you. It was a great help for me!

For me, I'm much older with children now and grandkids, and they support that I need a bra, and that my doctor said that I should wear one, but I did have gyno as a young man too, but not near as bad as you do.

I really don't know how to tell your mom other then have a heart to heart talk with her. You are welcome to show her the things I have written about myself, as I am not ashamed, or afraid to talk to anyone about why I wear a bra, because I have nothing to be ashamed of, or the hide!

Good luck


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I agree that a professional fitting is going to be best for you. 
Grandpa Dan

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Has your mom seen you topless?  That may be all it takes for her to say "oh you, poor thing, you need to start wearing a bra right away."  I am guessing you are a big, I mean, really big, cup size.

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Has your mom seen you topless?  That may be all it takes for her to say "oh you, poor thing, you need to start wearing a bra right away."  I am guessing you are a big, I mean, really big, cup size.

well she has seen me topless but didnt said anything I had a talk with her about she said bra is for ladies how you will wear it what people will say 


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It's not just India bro the entire stigma globally is that. But check it, I was just at walmart...hate that place but anyways...was there literally I'm like a navy seal for shopping for a bra. I get in I get out I often go the day before to scope it out and see where my size and price I wanna spend is at maybe do a inbetween aisle lap or two and go back next day grab, take hanger off in some other aisle fold bras up and proceed to self check out...

However, today I went in, and 2 ladies were there shopping and I figured I'd be in and out before they could notice and not so much. I spent upward to 25 minutes in the bra section which is only maybe a 30 foot section and middle of the store. But in my head in thinking these ladies think I'm gay or perverted etc bit one actually saw me scrambling for some and said slow down honey bras here may be cheap but they still deserve to be what your wife likes. I guess she saw my ring. Anyways point being bro, the insecurity is all in our head and the stigma is strong but go in confident and buy a fake ring for a few bucks somewhere if ya want and pretend you're shopping for the wife gf whoever. 

You definitely have large breasts and mine are only an a cup so mine aren't obvious but if you go in there like a man and don't let the insecurity show like a shadow then you'll be fine and people may glance but they will just glance not whisper not gawk not gossip etc etc. And if they do darn em the world beats us down enough as it is. To hell with anyone who wants to add to it. 

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Sometimes they laugh here too (USA). So?
Let them laugh, just smile back.

Try putting on a pretty top and going shopping as a girl. If you keep your bottom covered, who knows?
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Well, with me everyone would know!

I'm a 46H, but even though I'm one of the biggest breasted guys on the forum I still dress 100% like a guy except for the fact that there is sometimes a 46H bra on under the tee shirt and leather vest. I also have 20/30 Jobst support hose on too (summer time I do wear shorts)  I even have a very full beard that is 97% white and have been asked to join the real beard Santa Claus club by a fellow vet at the VA a few times.

So, it wouldn't matter if I would wear a girlie top, even though I have breast. I'm still 100% man!

As the Brad Paisley song goes, "My eyebrows aren't pluck there's a gun in my truck thank God I'm still a guy"

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Like the others have said, you are 20 years old and you can buy your own bras.  You can only care so much what your mother says,,  BTW why are you still living with her. I imagine you are still in college or a trade school to be living at home.  Otherwise it is time to be a man and pull your self up by your bra and boot straps. And get on with your life. Enjoy the gift your gods have given you.  Remember you are one of the select few who ever get gynecomastia and at your age I may just fade away.  But buy yourself a bra and enjoy it while you can.  The other choice is to have them surgically removed and hope they don't come  back.
If you got them flaunt them.  We all wear bras so wear what you like and to hell with the rest.


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