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In hot climates as where we live, compression garments and tight vests cannot be worn. They are just too hot and normal womens bras that I tried never seemed to fit properly. Most A cup bras are not designed to conceal but are padded and provide lift making breasts look bigger. The bras I tried would cut into my pecs and lats uncomfortably. I have breast tissue due to medication (tried different med, but got other worse side effects) and my nipples are puffy and sensitive. If I do not wear a bra, my nipples rub on my shirt irritating me no end. During winter on colder days I wear a womens vest with a built in boob tube that has big arm holes, under my shirt. I am a 38A and after many difficulties with ill fitting bras, I went to a specialist bra shop in the city and they very understandingly sized and fitted me with a Anita Care bra (Natasja). It is a mastectomy bra, but wow, perfect fit, ultra comfortable and I can wear it all day under most shirts without it showing. The bra also rounds me off so that I do not have pointy parts sticking forward. The Anita care bra is very expensive, but worth every cent.


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You have made an excellent point in that; whether your ultimate choice is a compression garment or some type of bra; a professional fitting can be worth a great deal.
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