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In my never ending quest to find a bra that fits me properly now, i.e. large band/small cup/long straps, one website that I have stumbled across recently is Her Room. They do seem to offer several bras in hard to find sizes, but I have not purchased anything from them yet. One thing I have discovered about them is that they have a section especially for men, this includes tips and dozens of reviews on bras and other products just by male customers: Lingerie Tips for Men - HerRoom  (this should open directly to the bra section. Scroll down for reviews by male customers)

Just wondering, how many of you have heard of them or used their reviews as a guide? Have any of you dealt with them before?

No, I'm not getting paid to promote or advertise them, it's just that I'm a bit surprised that I haven't heard them being mentioned here before because there seems to be a wealth of information available from them to help us out.


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Her room is a terrific resource, especially for men starting out looking for bra options to give them the support, shape,, and comfort they are needing.

I have ordered a few bras from them as they have some fabulous sales too!
Bras aren't for women, they're for breasts.

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I order my bras exclusively from  Their web site is easy to use and they ship promptly.  I get emails from them several times a week with my first name on them so they are aware that I am not a girl.  I am treated like any other customer. 
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Her room is a great site.  They have plenty of filters when searching so you can narrow down what you're looking for out of the hundreds of bra companies and thousands of styles.   You can get very nice/expensive bras inexpensively in their ongoing clearance sales.  And their return policy is good. 


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