Author Topic: Getting a bra that fits - Difficult when a 50A?  (Read 3773 times)

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Mine is not the worst case, but since I was a stocky child I have always had soft sensitive breasts with fully developed nipples.  The sensitivity has its benefits in sexual play, but as I have got older I found the comfort of wearing a close fitting garment, but have had some difficulty with proper bras.
50A bras don't exist in the UK, manufacturers assume that if you are that large, you also have big boobs, D cup or more. I have one underwired bra which was altered to fit, extra side panels and the cups were reduced.  It's OK for a few hours, I can feel it when I put it on, and after a while it is comfortable, but after 8 hours and I get home, it has to come off.
What can I get?  I tried a corselette, which was clever as it acted as belt and included suspenders for my support stockings, I have blood circulation problems.  This amazing garment required so much alteration I gave up, the seamstress moved to Barnstaple (Devon 250 miles away), but I must persevere.
As things have emerged, I have become a skirt and stocking wearer, and therefore coping with the Gyne and a possible hormone imbalance caused by medication, it is a difficult to know which way to turn for a bra, camisole or corselette.
I have ordered a couple of 50A bras and camisoles from an American supplier, Herroom in Dallas (noted in this Blog) and while they have a very useful column on men's experiences with their products, many comments do not relate to our problem.  More what Homer Simpson once described as 'the comfort thing', or CDs and TVs.  I am a man in a skirt, and stockings, which I wear with a simple suspender belt.
So my appeal to good people out there.
50A bras, any good ideas and 2XL or 3XL camisole tops or an A-Cup corselette.
A supplier? Or a sympathetic tailor? I'm in North London, UK any ideas help?


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Glamorise produced a style called; "Exclusively AB" As the name implies they were made only in A & B Cups in sizes up to 48 or 50 (US). These are no longer being produced but there should be a number in the supplies of many shops. If one supplier does not have them, another may. They were produced in both front and back closing styles.

Athletic Bras are widely available in sizes up to 2X. Size 3X may take a few tries to find a source.
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Fashion Bug makes a nice sports bra that I think goes from a S,M,L & 1X to a 4X. I usually order a 44C in a bra and order a 2X from Fashion Bug. You can order these on line for $13.99.

Hope that helps.


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