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Hi Everyone,

I've gotten to the point where my gynecmastia has really shrunk down (along with a lot of other fat on my body) And I've quit wearing my compression vest. I think this one cost me $50 or so, but I remember saving every penny to get one!

SO: If you are in the seattle area (The east side of lake WA) - Or can get there, I can meet you somewhere on the east side (Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, etc, etc,)

I'd really like this item to go to good use, instead of ending up at the goodwill.

Info On It:

"New and Improved!
Now stronger and 4 inches longer!
The Ultimate Chest Binder!

Double Front Panel for Extra Compression

A reinforced powernet panel throughout the front
provides extra chest and mid-section compression.
 Made from a comfortable  70% nylon and
30% spandex knit that conforms to your body
 and moves with you, this invisible undershirt
 eliminates bulges throughout your upper body. It completely
binds the chest and leaves you looking masculine and athletic.
It provides you  with upper body support that yields a perfect
posture and relieves back pain allowing for a great feeling
all day long. Made in the U.S.A.

Double Front Compression Shirt
Style 997    Color: White
Size - fits Chest:  X-large 45-48
Price: $29.99 / 3 for 84.99"


Item is Size XL and Style 997 Made by underworks. It's been throughly washed and bleached, so it's good to go.

This board has helped me through some really hard times, so now it's time to litterally give back!

Please send me an email at if you are interested.

If I don't hear from anyone in the area within a week or two, I'd be open to shipping it to someone for the cost of postage... but then again - I'd rather stay local.



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