Author Topic: For those who wear a bra, underwire or not?  (Read 8935 times)

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This is one that seems to have some merit.  It is listed as saying:  "    * A popular choice for gynecomastia patients."

But with a strict goal of not being seen, but yet function well, what do most people wear?  Anyone with recommendations? 

I have tried a shapewear camisole, but it doesn't give as much support as I would like.  But it is very good for being invisible.

One of the gyne reviews stated:
"As a male who has suffered from gyneconmastia since puberty, I have been wearing bras for over 35 years to support my breasts, which now fill 38B bra cups. I just recently purchased my first Elita Silk Magic bra and have been very pleasantly surprised at the fit and comfort. The bra supports well and reduces bounce without causing a protrusion or enhancement of the breasts, and the fabric is light and non-chafing. It has become my favorite style."

"I am a guy with gynecomastia. I've had it for years, but it has become progressively worse and more uncomfortable as time passes. During my research on gynecomastia, I came across the review of this bra and read how someone's husband supposedly benefited from this bra. I decided to give it a try and I must say I am very pleased. Before this I first tried a sport bra, but it was itchy and bulky feeling. This bra is very soft and stretchy, and I like those rigid half-circle hoops that they put on each cup, they are very supportive. If you are a man with gynecomastia and you want some support, I recommend you try this bra out. It is stretchy yet supportive, and it is completely invisible underneath my suit so I don't feel weird about wearing it to work."

"This bra is extremely comfortable and I enjoy wearing it when I go for a walk or a jog. I have found few other bras in my time that have been this stretchy and comfortable, yet still had underwires. My husband has a severe case of gynecomastia, and until we can afford surgery, this bra does a great job of supporting his chest on the few occasions that he needs it. This bra fits his irregular shape very well. All in all a great buy!"


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No underwire for me. I used a bra in the past, an athletic bra. It was actually bretty good for concealment. Almost any other kind of bra would tend to accentuate the breast which is not my intent.

Male compression garments have improved in design and in the fabrics used until I think that this would be my first choice at this time.
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I had tried underwire and found it a little to 'enhancing' for me so I started checking out various sports bras that have molded cups because I also have a problem with my nipples being sensitive and 'up' most of the time  :-[. So, just started trying the Danskin brand of sports bras for 'medium' impact activity. Its called the 'Now' series and I'm using a 42 size. I'm comfortable enough in this to sleep in. The band around it keeps it from sliding up (this has been a problem with some other brand) and offers better support. I do have one problem ad that the arm straps are not adjustable. However, the back of the bra does have some adjustable eyelets (three 'sizes') so this does help some. If you wan to try one of these I have noticed that the size is not constant from one to another (maybe because as some know Walmart tends to sell seconds), so check it out carefully.

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