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Firstly, I can't quite believe I am typing this and secondly a big thank you to all you fellas who are prepared to be open in discussion on this (touchy for some) subject.
At the age of 71 I have been aware of my "little problem" for a year or so. It turns out that I am only a 36A. However, I am tall and slim so they definitely show and are growing.  Nipples have been showing through T shirts etc and I have  been quite self conscious. Also, I have been experiencing sore nipples and been aware that I need to hold my assets when going down stairs and negotiating steep stiles whilst out walking or running for buses etc.
I finally, with some trepidation, got round to talking to my wife who suprised me by being very supportive, loaned me a few bras to try on which were not a great fit but did improve the situation and gave me glimpse of what might be possible. Her size was close enough to mine to make a great guess at my size   - I ordered 3 bras and found a comfortable fit. So 2 returns and new orders in the same size but different styles and colours and I am quite chuffed. I stuck to the same brand (M&S!) because of potential sizing differences as that was what my other half's were and it has worked for me. I am now very comfortable for the first time in several years and some combinations of clothing and bra give the illusion of  "pecs" - muscles I have long since given up the hope of developing! I my case there have been no visits for a fitting - I think it would have taken quite a lot longer to get my head round that one, but if ever seems to be necessary going forward, I won't hesitate!
The future looks and more importantly feels great.
Can I encourage others to get aboard and find comfort. I am really glad that I have made the change early as, apart  from the comfort now, I have not the concern of sudden major changes to my appearance in the future.
I may well not post again, (it's not really me!) but will keep an eye open to see if I can help someone else. That's the least I can do in return for all the help and advice on here
Thanks again to all of you



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I am glad that your wife was supportive for you wearing a bra, not all of them are! My primary care doctor, my wife and daughters all were behind me not only wearing them but going for a formal fitting! I did, and ended up being a 46H!

Don't be afraid of posting again, you are always welcome here on the forum and we can always use new insight!

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Welcome to Guys Who Wear Bras.  I am 70 and my girls appeared about a year ago.  I started out wearing a sports bra for mountain biking and soon realized I needed to wear one full time.  I figured out by trial and error that I am about a 40B.  Not as big as some of the guys on here but I am definitely more comfortable with one than without one.  My wife has been very supportive.
I found this forum a year ago and it has been invaluable in helping me deal with my situation knowing that I am not alone.  I went from making furtive trips to the mailbox in one of my wife's bras to putting one on every morning and not giving it a second thought when I go to the supermarket or Home Depot.  Like many of you, my breasts are widely spaced and a lot of their volume is under my arms so I usually wear a pullover type leisure bra that stops the bounce without rearranging anything so it is hard to detect under a baggy T shirt which is what I wear most of the time anyhow.  I am so comfortable in a bra I caught myself adjusting a strap in a restaurant the other day and was kind of amused the other day when I unconsciously stuck my phone in my bra when I had my hands full.  Apparently I am starting to think like a chick.  I did splurge and order a couple of sexy underwire bras with lace cups but was a bit surprised when I saw how much they made me project so I am going to have to work up to just letting them fly.
Like DW20 said, if anybody out there is struggling with the decision to make that first step and try wearing a bra, do it.  Thanks to the many mail order places and cheap ebay bras, you can try different styles and decide what works for you.  Once you get used to it and realize that nobody notices (I have only been busted once that I know of when I wore a bra with padded straps), it will become second nature and you feel weird without one.  I am not hoping that they get much bigger, but I am used to them and I think I would miss them if I didn't have them.  Besides, my wife thinks they are cool.

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HI DW20! I knew M&S while I was stationed in London England but not so much in Wales. I was posted to a Naval Facility on the RAF base in Brawdy Wales on my second tour,  But I didn't have breast then,  I got mine some where in my late 60's and now at 70 they have grown slightly to a 36B.  Please do not be afraid to post us a note now and them we all like to see new faces and have chats even though it is in the form of emails or Private Messages (PM).  And if I haven't said it WELCOME!
If you got them flaunt them.  We all wear bras so wear what you like and to hell with the rest.

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Hey im 
6ft3 or 2, im 25 though an mine already doing that man. I bet you felt like thats all people are looking at an not you. An you are ashamed to take your shirt off because your scared of what people thinking. An no matter how much clothing or how thick the clothing is it always find a way to come through. I use to think, HOW ???


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