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I started developing gynecomastia a little over three years ago. My breasts are currently around a 44B-C. I believe I am still experiencing some very slow growth but most of my development was during a 6-12 month period about two years ago.

I have been quite uncomfortable with my appearance (especially during the warm months) but I would not say that I have been completely unhappy or depressed. I know it's not something that I had control over and I am not a good candidate for surgery so it's something that I will live with and learn to accept.

Last summer my wife bought me a couple of different size Genie bras to try. I was not thrilled with the idea of wearing one and did not even try one until many months later. With the encouragement of my wife this spring I would occasionally where one while doing yard work. I found it to be surprisingly comfortable and it did not seem to be very noticeable. I think the first thing I noticed was how much more comfortable I was while riding (mowing) on the lawn tractor. Most of the "bounce" was gone.

Earlier this month my wife and I went to Disney World for 11 days. The first day in the parks it was hot and I elected not to wear the bra. I frequently where Under Armor performance tee shirts when it's warm but even then I sweat some and they stick to me. I felt that my chest was very noticeable and even caught a few people looking at it. They even appeared to say something to the people they were with.

After the first day I decided to go ahead and wear the Genie bra for the rest of our vacation. My wife said that my chest and puffy nipples were far less noticeable while wearing the bra. When wearing it I was far more comfortable both physically and emotionally. If noticeable at all I suspect that most people would think I have a tank top on underneath. I did not notice a single person staring at my chest while I was wearing the bra. Since returning from our vacation I have pretty much warn a Genie bra all the time except when sleeping. I'm surprised I have not seen more positive comments on this site regarding the Genie bra (or Ahh bra). I know that it does not provide nearly as much support as sports bras or classic bras but to me it seems like a good compromise.

Now I need to figure out something that I could wear to swim in and not stand out. I would love to enjoy the hotel pool while vacationing (especially in Florida in June) but I just don't have the nerve to go to a public pool with or without support.

On a side note my breast growth has been minimal for the last 12-18 months. That could however change for the worse. I am starting on Finasteride (5 mg/day) in about two weeks. I do understand that one side effect of this medication is male breast growth. The percentages seem low (2-3%) so I have decided to take the risk. I have pretty severe BPH and can't continue to get up 4 times a night and still function. Flomax worked for about a year but then the relief tapered off. If I notice any new growth after starting the Finasteride I will most likely stop taking it but due to other health issues surgery needs to be a last resort for BPH. I will not elect surgery for gynecomastia since it would only be cosmetic.

Frank Z


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You seem to have a level-headed approach to this issue. This is much preferred over the emotional reaction that is so easy to give in to for many of us. It seems that those of us who are more mature (older) and have other significant health issues view having breasts as being much lower in priority than many of the younger guys. They, as we were then, are much more sensitive about this kind of thing. It takes a bit of time to grow beyond seeing our physical appearance/prowess as defining our manhood. Unfortunately some never quite come to equate ones character as the determining factor.

Kudos to your wife for recognizing your daily discomfort and stepping up with a practical solution. Not every wife is so attentive. Most wives seem to become aware of their husband's struggle only when he brings the issue up. Most are generally supportive once they come to know.

Welcome to the boards and know that there's more than a few of us who have decided to accept having breasts and wear bras to be comfortable and supported.



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Trust your wife and value in her opinion. You have a jewel there.
Grandpa Dan

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I find that although a proper underwire bra makes them look bigger, since they dont bounce around, they tend to be less noticeable.
I find the Ahh bra to be way too weak to do much. Its better than nothing if you need to hide the fact you have a bra on, but not by much.

Swimming is something my wife wants to do. So far the best option I can come up with is to wear a women's suit under a t shirt and shorts

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I have tried a Genie bra but at 38DD I found it of little use. So I  just wear a fitted bra and do not explore  any other possibilities. Because the support I get from the bra is essential for my back problems.

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Hi Frank,

Welcome to the club that none of us wants to be in.  I just can't see myself being made uncomfortable by what other people might think.  I wear what I find comfortable.  For swimming where a suit is required I wear just trunks.  I shave my chest and stomach which were all blotchy with hair from neuropathic conditions.  Those who might be inclined to react are too busy picking their lower jaw off the ground and are suddenly aware of how outrageously they have reacted and are intimidated enough not to say a word.  Be sure of yourself and intimidate them instead of being intimidated.

At nudist clubs body acceptance is the word and nobody says anything or reacts.  Occasionally some genuine education can take place.  I see guys with breasts visiting for their first time, scared to death and having a big smile plastered all over their face within an hour.


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Hi Frank, I think everyone will agree that I win the wet t-shirt contest here! I only can get away with full support for complete comfort as I'm a 46H! Yes, that's right 46H but I lost my testicles so that's a big part of way I'm so big!

I have posted my last bra from my profession fitting in the thread "I'm bigger then I thought" if you want to see for yourself.

Welcome to the group.


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Thank you all for taking the time to post your thoughts, experiences and words of encouragement! I think I am adjusting OK to wearing the bra. It took some courage at first but honestly after a week or so it did not seem like a huge deal.

What I like about the Genie bra is that it is relatively stealth through both casual and work shirts and does not enhance my chest at all. It provides just enough support to reduce most of the bounce when I am physically active. I have never tried a conventional or sports bra so I don't have any way of comparing the genie bra with anything else but it seems to work for me. I just don't think I need the additional support (yet) that a conventional bra would provide. If the time comes when I do need more support I'm guessing that I will be able to make the emotional adjustment and take that next step.

Del, like you my wife is a 38DD and I can understand that the Genie bra would not have enough support for a chest of that size. I'm obviously hoping that I never get that big but if I do I will no doubt need to look for something with better support.

Again, thank you all for taking the time to post your comments. I am very impressed with this sight and know that I can learn much here and find moral support when needed.

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I know when I realized how much discomfort I was in I tried compression shirts, or shapewear tops to compress as much as I could, but I quickly realized what was missing was a band to support it and keep my breasts from moving around.  I NEEDED cups to handle it.  I tried avoiding it, but I couldn't really.  A bra was purpose designed for what I needed.  No way to avoid it.  So I gave in and experimented with sizes.  It took me forever to talk to my wife about it, but she understood and was upset I hadn't talked to her sooner, she had noticed, but didn't know it bothered me so badly.  I would come home from work from my 75 mile each way commute nearly in tears from pain. 

I have no pain now and haven't for years now that I have been wearing a bra daily. 

My wife isn't thrilled still, but she completely understands why I need to.


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