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Hi everyone there seems to be a lot of people experienced here with bras and I was wondering if you would recommend I should wear a bra? I haven't been diagnosed with gyno but I feel I have a mild case. Aswell noticed some issues with a bounce in my chest when exercising and nipples poking out all the time.


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My own case is quite mild; and before it even progressed to where I realized I had some breast growth (and even so, it's on one side only), what drove me looking for solutions starting a few years ago was the nipple irritation.  If you're comfortable and people aren't looking at your bouncing and sagging bags and telling you you need a bra, you might as well save the expense.  Otherwise, yeah, it's a relief, and holds things in place.

There aren't very many bras with large bands and small cups.  If it's just for nipple irritation, you could start with a bralette.  Some are kind of like a snug but stretchy tank-top-type undershirt that's cut off below the breasts, so the friction to the inside of your shirt is against the bralette rather than your nipples.  They don't have a cup per se.  I've been trying various bralettes, and found the Jockey Seemfree Air to be quite comfortable, and it hides pretty well too in spite of having adjustable straps.  If you're on a tight budget, the Fruit of the Loom style 9036 strappy sports bra might be my second-place finisher for comfort.  Most other ones I've tried bite into the fronts of my shoulders uncomfortably.  I've ordered a couple of cheap bras with actual cups to try, looking for something comfortable that remedies the nipple friction and irritation problem without causing the discomfort of just squashing the breast down.  So far I don't need actual support yet (and hopefully it will stay that way).

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Yours don't look that big yet, but you definitely have something going on with your nipples.
If the high beams and bounce are starting to bother you, you might want to give a pullover type leisure or low impact sports bra a try.  They are sized by band size and the cups tend to stretch to fit the breasts so sizing is a no brainer.  If you get much bigger than a B cup, you should probably get fitted but I don't think you are there yet.  I am about a 40B.  I started wearing a bra every day about 3 years ago and have actually come to kind of enjoy having boobs.  Once you try it, you probably won't go back.
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 If you’re asking if you should wear a bra, it means you are open to it. I think women at your size wear bras and go braless.  You probably should consider doing like they do. 

 Go in for a fitting. Try on some bras. See what works for you. 

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If you’re asking if you should wear a bra, it means you are open to it. I think women at your size wear bras and go braless.  You probably should consider doing like they do.

 Go in for a fitting. Try on some bras. See what works for you.
I would agree. At your size I think even many women would consider just going braless unless they want to enhance their look. Perhaps at most consider a sports bra if your are active and find that you have discomfort from some breast movement. As SideSet indicated, maybe get a fitting to make sure you have the right option and size, and try one to see if it works for you. A fitting may seem like a big deal but in reality it is not, and it will save a lot of wasted effort.
If the bra fits, wear it.


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Wearing a bra is preference only. There are women with c cup and d cups who wear them and don’t wear them and women with a and b cups who swear by them for support. Same with men. If it is giving you problems or complications or obstacles in the day then yes absolutely. If not then I don’t think one is necessary. Based on the image of your size I’d say it likely isn’t necessary but it is up to you and how they feel without and with a bra. A bra can give us more confidence than support sometimes and that is equally as important to me. Especially since the public perception is going to pick up on your anxiety or your confidence and if anxious will likely walk by thinking dude is wearing a bra and confidence they likely will not notice or just notice and ignore it. 

For me wearing a bra is about comfort. When braless my chest when sitting hangs a bit and the creases in my chest where tissue has pushed its way outward get in my way and just feels annoying. Wearing a bra keeps them in place and is a weight off my chest literally. I am not confident wearing a bra in public so I wear camisoles and women’s tank tops to keep things in place or comfort bras to give less noticeability. If you feel comfortable wearing a bra and feel your body responds well to it I would say yes. 


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