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I believe that some members of this forum started wearing bras for comfort or to avoid pain.
But did anyone like the experience of having and wearing bras? Did anyone like it so much that they became "addicted" to bras?
I put on a bra for the first time at 12, after seeing the girls at school wearing bras - I was curious to know what it was like and enjoyed the experience.
Today I have a collection of bras, with various types and colors. I like lace a lot and my favorite colors are black, white and pink (I have some blue and red bras too). I like adjustable straps and back hooks.
For me the bra is a piece like any other, but it can be fun and be part of my style (even without being apparent).
I don't have gynecomastia, but I have a discreet fat on my chest that already marks on my bra.
What are your favorite types of bra?


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I started wearing a bra for support and to control bounce when hiking and backpacking. That was many years ago and before the advent of modern athletic bras. I preferred front closing styles with wide straps. The problem is that small cup sizes ore not common in large band sizes and I have a 46 inch chest. I am the only guy I know in his 80's that still goes hiking and I do wear a bra for that activity but not otherwise. 
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Ahem— This is a gynecomastia forum, not a cross-dressers' forum.  As one member has said to new ones coming in with gyne, "Welcome to the club nobody wanted to join."  Nobody wants problems; but if breasts are coming, we might as well make peace with them and get comfortable, even enjoy them if possible (in some men's cases).  Surgery is not an option for many.

It's common for one side to grow ahead of the other, and so far  I only seem to have one breast.  I can grab a small handful on the one side.  The problems started a few years ago before I even realized it was growing.  It's still small enough I can hide it ok (as long as my shirt doesn't fit very snugly), but there's a little nagging pain and irritation if I go without a bra or bralette.  I work at home, and start the day without; but after a couple of hours, I've had enough, and I'm ready to go put one on.  I do not start the day thinking, "Oh boy oh boy I get to put on a bra!"  I procrastinate putting one on.  Then it feels good.  I originally started with a bralette that's marketed as a sports bra, at the recommendation of male marathon runners for remedying nipple fissures which I was getting while riding bike; but as the problem progressed, there was a time I was just milling around the house and I really felt like I needed something, so I put one of these on even though I wasn't going out for a ride.  The relief was instant and amazing!  Wow.  This was still before I realized there was some growth happening.

Bras with small enough cups in my band size are rare.  A bralette helps a lot, but there's still a little discomfort from the fact that these just squash the breast down.  I have some really cheap ones that do better, having a slight cup, but they kind of bite into the lower fronts of my shoulders.  I'm still experimenting with various brands, trying to find something more comfortable, easy to hide, with no lace, flowers, bows (unless I can cut them off), girly colors or patterns, show-off back, etc..  I have a couple more on order.  I would like one with narrow wings and straps to minimize heat in the summer and minimize the binding and scrubbing when I twist sideways like I get with the wider ones.  Hooks have their purpose but they can be kind of uncomfortable too, not to mention hard to hide, let alone pass the hug test.  Ironically, it would be advantageous to grow a little more to fit the available cups, but I certainly hope I can stay pretty small there.

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I suppose the answer is yes and no. The girls started in early puberty, but I didn't have a physical need until years later.

Yes, this forum is about gynecomastia, but it is also about support. To that end, there is no room for small minded digs at someone who has a question. Those that have problems with questions can go back to the stone age.

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For me, the answer is yes I do.   I’ve had breasts since I was 12 and dealt with the insecurities of having them for many years.   With the support of this forum, I decided to talk to my wife and kids about getting fitted.    I did that 6 months ago and it’s the best decision I made.  I have a selection of bras and depending on my mood determines the bra I wear.   After I get dressed, I turn to the side to see how’s they look and go about my day.  I’ve wear a bra every day and I appreciate the support it provides me. 

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Well I used to get teased growing up and discovered during a truth and dare game later in my early 20's. But other then that, I wear for pure comfort. 

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Do I "like" to wear bras? I "like" wearing bras for what they do for me, not to "just wear a bra."

I "like" that they contain my breast tissue from moving all over my chest. I "like" that they support my breast tissue and relieves weight off my chest and shoulders and back. I "like" I am more comfortable when I am wearing one. I "like" they give me confidence in my appearance. I don't "like" them for the sweat they collect. I don't "like" when the underwire breaks and pokes me. I don't "like" what good bras cost. I don't "like" I just can't go out and buy a bra like a woman can to support that breast tissue like a woman can.

Do I "like" to wear bras for sexuality? No. I do "like" bras for what they do for me physically and emotionally. I have breasts so why shouldn't I be able to wear a bra like others who have breasts? Why does it have to be different for me just because my genital is different even though I have breasts?

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I like wearing my bra. A bra was originally purely functional when it became main stream. I needed to start wearing a bra when I was 13. By the time I was 16, i needed to wear a bra full time. I like wearing a bra because I like the function it performs for me. I was just fitted last week and I am officially a 36H/I (UK). I bought 2 new bras because of my weight loss.  One was a 36H and the other was a 36I. I can't go braless and have my girls running wild all day. Its a better look and my tops fit better with a bra.

So I do like wearing a bra because I get lift, support and shape from my bra. I think that I feel the same as most women, when it comes to my bra. I like wearing one more than I like being without one.
Bras aren't for women, they're for breasts.

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Had I not developed breasts in my early teens, I certainly would not have had any interests in wearing women's undergarments.

As I developed obvious breasts I attracted a lot of comments to the effect that I needed a bra. Curiosity of what a bra would actually feel like lead me to try one. I was amazed at how well a bra fit my breasts and noticed that it seemed more comfortable, and by contrast began to realize that my unsupported breasts were more irritating. Thus, although the comments made about my breast size and "needing a bra" were not made in a constructive way, they were actually right.

So I began to like bras quickly as they fit me well, felt more comfortable than being braless, and ultimately helped me feel ok with having grown breasts. As time went on I actually felt more confident and looked better when wearing a bra.  

I do not think many guys can truly understand the feeling and benefits of wearing a bra unless they too have breasts.  It is a function follows form thing.

So yes, I like bras because I have breasts.
If the bra fits, wear it.

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They make my "boobs" less achy and I like that. I don't like the fact that I worry what people may think if they notice. Although I am getting more comfortable with that.

So... I don't necessarily "like" to wear them, but it's not that bad. And if needing to wear a bra is the worst thing that ever happens to me I will consider myself lucky.

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I find myself agreeing with blad once again 


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I agree with glad. I had no interest in wearing a bra as a kid it was never and interest as a teen or as an adult. I’ve never been a macho man but I always loved working out staying fit etc so when I began growing breasts it sucked. They stuck out more than I thought they should and I was stricken with fear if others could tell. A year has gone by since they have really started to develop and over the last year I have gone from a slight a cup to a full 34b cup which sucks still but I have found a lot of comfort wearing a bra to control the jiggle and slight bounce they have. I don’t wear one all the time as I am not comfortable doing so with work attire that would show it of too much or with the wife who would not approve. But when I go for a run or walk, work in the yard and such I find a lot of joy wearing one as it gives my body more containment and controls my chest and gives my body a better shape centering my breasts instead of them pointing outward 

Do I enjoy wearing a bra no do I enjoy the security they give yes 

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The answer is yes as I have boobs that need support for running.
When not physically active the answer is still yes. No horrible discomfort but having learned the comfort of support i know i feel better with than without.
Do I enjoy bra wearing to the extent that I would  want to acquire boobs  or  grow the ones I have got - NO.
If they do grow they grow  and I will "reaccomodate" them and still regard them as friends rather than enemies'

Above all whatever your answer to the OP question, be at peace with yourself
If you've got them, look after them.
We are different  - Anyone can be 'normal'

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I saw this floating around Facebook and lmao when I saw it. Posted by a woman.

"You know what's really uncomfortable? A bra. But I still wear one in public. Not for me, for others. #WeartheDamnMask"

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And this is what I've seen:

Masks are the new bra:
- They're uncomfortable
- You only wear them in public
- And when you don't wear one...  Everyone notices!

That contrasts quite a bit with what is said here...


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