Author Topic: Compression undershirts - any long-term effects (good or bad)?  (Read 3794 times)

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I just received a Design Veronique undershirt. I've only worn it for an hour or so, but it seems to be the right size (snug, but comfortable).  In fact, I'm planning on wearing it out today...

My question is: do these kinds of garments have any long-term effect on health or body shape (positive or negative)? Basically, I'm waiting at least a few more months before deciding whether to opt for surgery. I would like to be able to wear these garments on some days, maybe even most, but I wonder whether the compression could somehow make the gyne worse over time (say, by rearranging the gland tissue or causing it to grow again).

Any thoughts/suggestions would be much appreciated.   


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I have no idea if they could make the condition worse.  My guess is no, but I'd like to hear what the doctors say. 

I will say this, however.  I recently brought a compression tank top shirt and it does what I wanted it to do.  In that regard, I'm very happy.  But unlike a lot of guys, my gynecomastia is very painful all the time, and when I wear the shirt for several hours, I do believe it might add to the pain/achy feeling a little more.  Also, the area just below my armpits starts to ache from the compression.   

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If too tight maybe problems with circulation or breathing, but else I wouldn't think so.

Possible some redistribution of fat if tight in an area and loose in another close, but that would be just fluid.  

If I wear tight socks, by the end of the day I have a depression in calf where the elastic is, but it also goes away in a while.  

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I can't think of any negatives if you get a proper fit and do not try to wear the garments 24/7.

If too tight or if worn too much restriction of circulation (both blood and lymph) and discomfort.

A proper fitting garment should not be uncomfortable. Take it off over night and you'll rest better.
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