Author Topic: Compression garments sold on eBay for mild case/puffy nips  (Read 2467 times)

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Any positive experiences shopping for compression garments online?
I currently use Under Armour which is very nice, but sometimes I wish it would flatten my chest a little more.

Any advice would be helpful. I have a mild case with puffy nipples. Thanks.


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Im having surgery in two weeks. I've been embarrassed to go to the gym so I ordered a Insta Slim shirt. It works great. Im wearing it all the time when I go out or hit the gym. I'll prob use it a bit after I'm finished with the compression vest just to get better results. I ordered it on Amazon. Good luck!
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I've been ordering shirts from this company in S Korea.

They're a little flashier - and takes the attention off your chest that's for sure.

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I always sweat extra hard when i workout with one on maybe it's just me though


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