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mentioned this bra in another post. i picked up this bra during one of my 6am bra shopping trips to super walmart. didn’t really look it over just wanted -something-.

i like it. the cups stretch to fit my b-cup girls just right. its wireless and unpadded so it isn’t a heavy duty bra. i’d guess not supportive enough for anyone > c-cup. its small seems like it would be hard to detect. cheap, $7.


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I wear those everyday to work.

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A couple of other guys on here have mentioned the Rhonda Shear Ahh Bra, which is very similar in style to the Hanes.  I have several in nude and various shades of grey and blue so you don't have to wear something girly unless you just want to.  I own several other bras but wear these almost exclusively.  They don't provide a lot of support and they don't do anything with the sideboob, but for us guys with A/B size boobs, they are about as undetectable as you can get because there are no hooks or other hardware and they lie flat under your shirt.  As mentioned, if you are a C or bigger, this may not be for you but if you are still pretty small and want to try out a bra, this would be a good place to start.  The cups stretch to fit any size breast so sizing is a no brainer.
I was planning to order a couple more Ahh bras in different colors but I will look into the Hanes before I do. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Hi  I have a few of those Haynes and three of the AHH bras they work ok but mostly I wear the JMS 3x pullover bra they tend to have more support and are undetectable under a loose Tshirt.

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It is very much like a bra I wear as a sleep bra.  Mine has a back clasp put it is very comfortable which is why I wear it as a sleep bra.  It keeps the girls in place without the strain of an underwire bra.  I wear it quite often to bed.
If you got them flaunt them.  We all wear bras so wear what you like and to hell with the rest.


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I do have some too and even as big as I am they do help keep the girls from dancing all over the place!

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It looks nearly identical to my Jockey Modern Micro bralettes, shown at .  The only thing about this Jockey that's less than perfectly comfortable is that it tends to bite into the front of my shoulders and armpits a bit.  (Maybe if my breasts were big they'd pull it out away from there; but I don't think it would be very suitable for big-breasted people.)  I also got some no-name Chinese ones at one-eighth the price but they're a bit worse for that.  It still beats the irritation of going without, but I'd still like to get that last little bit of desired improvement if I can find it in another model or brand.  The Coobie 9060 is another that looks nearly identical, and there are other brands as well.  I would agree with what others above have said.


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