Author Topic: Changing bra sizes to help underwire fit?  (Read 695 times)

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I guess my announcement is suited to this thread?

Major breakthrough at home these past few days: After I had a long conversation with my wife about how my breasts bouncing while on my morning exercise walks irritated my nipples rubbing against the inside of my shirts, my wife decided that she’ll take me shopping for wireless bras at Khol’s. She still doesn't believe I'm a 40DD, but we'll be trying several sizes to lock down my true size.

She also agreed for me to try wearing fitted soft women’s tank tops under my men’s shirts to buffer my nipples and upper breast areas from the coarser cloth.

This is a major step in my household.

Busted (and happy)

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Hi Blacksmith
Pleased  for you.
Always remember measurements however taken are only a starting point.
In the end fit and comfort are the only things that really matter.
Listen to the fitter and ask questions. You can glean a lot of useful background

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Just for grins, try some underwires and compare the size to the non wired bras.  I find that when I stuff everything into an underwire, I fill most 42Cs with only minor wrinkling, but don't even come close on a 42B non wired because the non wired doesn't lift and shape the underarm boob.  My wife usually wears the same size in wired and non wired, but I don't, because most women's breasts are front and center and ours aren't.
My wife grew up with large breasts so she knows what it is like to need support and not have it.  She doesn't even complain that I own more bras than she does.

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I too find that in an underwire I wear anything from a 36DDD/F to 38DDD but in an soft cup, anything from a 38DD to 40D. Go figure!


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I'm actually thinking of picking up an underwire 36d to see how it fits. The 36c still seems to not quite have wide enough cups... I have some spillage next the the armpits that I have to keep scoop and swooping into place throughout the day

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I think that you should probably get yourself fitted. 36D is a very common size at Victoria Secret. Maybe you and your wife can go together. VS is very happy to help men get the comfort and support and shape they need. 
Bras aren't for women, they're for breasts.


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