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Bras Size Dilemma

   No wonder buying a bra is a crap shoot.  I have been trying to get a bra that fits and nothing seems standard.  I have been to the local big box store and taking home different brands and sizes of bras, it looks like I might be a size 48 C/D or a 50 B/C.   FYI I have measured some of the bras I have tried on and how they fit me.  My Chest at the bra line is 43 1/2” and over bust is 52”

   Just My Size 1220 48C, band measures 40” and is comfortable with an extender rounds the breast to look like big pecs, good to use in public not an all day bra for me.
   Just My Size 1107 48C, band measures 37” and I can't wear it the cups are too big and too tight even with an expander.
   Playtex 4693 48B, band measures 39” and I can't wear it as the cups are too big and too tight with an expander
   Goddess 6093 48C band measures 43” and is a good fit
   Goddess 6161 48C band measures 44” and it the best fit bra for me
   Goddess 0304 48C band measures 39” and with an expander a good fit.  This bra is used came from a thrift store and a old style. 
   All the Goddess bras are an all day bra for me. The Goddess bras seem to use a sturdier fabric and don't have a tendency to roll the band and fit better

   My SO of 50 years has been a big help all through this.



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My wife was a Godsend with this too! She did tons of returns!

She also went with for my formal fitting. She had taken our oldest daughter a few years earlier to the Male of America and she said that I was treated much better at my fitting at Allure in the St. Paul store, and I've bought more bras since my fitting, as that is now my "store"!

The fitting is a big help if you have some place near you that you can go to.


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Your best bet would be to go to a specialty shop that has a professional fitter. 
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With men, typically measured band size is the band size, forget the +5 junk. 

I measure 40-42 depending on the day, and a 40C works very well for me.  Depending on the brand/model a 42B works, a 38D is also a related size.

Basically understanding the bra "sister" sizes helps a lot.

A 44A, 42B, 40C, 38D, 36DD are identical cup sizes and same wires (if wired).  The only diff is the band size.
A 40C and you need a larger cup or smaller up is easy, 40B or 40D.  But when you need band size, see the above sizes to change to. 

Once you grasp this (and few seem to!), it helps a LOT to help nail down your size if you are trying on bras in a store. 

In person try these places
OneHanesPlace is rumored to be very helpful
Soma is very helpful
Cacique (Lane Bryant) is very helpful


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