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Tight fitting garments will show the straps. Go one size larger on the top, especially Tee's.  Colored tops will hide more, such as reds, grays, blues.  White can be a nono unless it is of a heavier. material  I also wear tanks, woman's for just the reasons noted above

Pattern on a shirt also hide the straps.  As far as projection, a minimizer bra should help

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Depending on your shape, minimizers can really do a good job. They will spread out the tissue so you don't have as much projection. For me it reduces the feminine projection and the girls look more like very pronounce man boobs. I still get the support and containment I need while softening the curves. Of course from a profile, I still have feminine lifted looking breasts. But under certain tops, minimizers work well appearance wise.

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I agree with John. A good minimizer bra can help reduce your overall projection. The cups are designed to displace some of your breast tissue and make the girls appear more broad and less projected. These bras were designed for women and men who have a certain to that they would like to wear, however, it's too snug in the bust and the minimizer allows he or she to wear the top and have it fit properly. 

I got away from minimizer bras over 10 years ago. I didn't like how the girls felt squish like having a mammogram from your bra. Lol. I wear women's tops, mostly.  I prefer the material and colors and patterns to men's. Most importantly, I prefer the fit. Torrid has some great tops that are roomy in the bust. I usually end up sizing up because of my girls,  but, I can wear a regular underwire with almost all of my tops.

The light material with a lace cup bra makes all the difference on a hot summer day. 

Women have done all of the hard work for us over the years with perfecting the he modern underwire bra. They also hate dealing with boob sweat. If you have any questions on what works and what doesn't, the sales ladies out there will be happy to assist. I  know that Torrid and Lane Bryant are always happy to assist and answer any questions you may have. 
Bras aren't for women, they're for breasts.


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