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Anyone have experience purchasing a bra at Victoria's Secret?  From their web site, it looks like the size 40 bands are only available via mail order and are not stocked in the stores.  The one time I browsed without help I saw the largest band size as 38.  But for those that have found fits, were you able to try on in the dressing room?  How 'involved' where the sales staff with you in the dressing room?  Were they sympathetic and supportive, or point you to the door?

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I have shopped many times at Victoria’s Secret at a number of different locations, and the only door that I’ve been pointed to is for the fitting room.  

You are correct that the in-store stock only goes up to 38, but that’s fine for me, as I wear a 38.  My experiences have also been generally hands-on, with the SA coming into the fitting room, to check fit, make adjustments, give opinions, and offer suggestions,  bringing additional bras she feels I might work for me.   I also have gotten a number of bra fittings,  and found them to be generally accurate.  

 My experience is that Victoria’s Secret emphasizes underwire, molded cup, with a lean towards push-up.

 I have a number of anecdotes about interaction with SA’s  at Victoria’s Secret, if anybody’s interested sometime 


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