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(I found this text in internet)
If there is anything as controversial as the bra itself, it is the bra hooks
I'm talking about the traditional bra hooks, which are on the back with one, two, three or more hooks and have one, two or three "lines".
Even men who never thought about wearing a bra need to confront them at some point when (trying to) unbutton their girlfriend's bra. Some men can do this with three fingers, while women (and men) who wear a bra every day do not have the same skill.
As a rule, men who wear bras are at an advantage. Wearing bras regularly makes us practice buttoning and unbuttoning, unlike other guys.
Me, for example, already know how to unbutton a bra without taking off my shirt.
Many people who wear a bra every day like to take it off at the end of the day, as if it were a ritual. They take it off before even taking off her shirt.
Of course, when you are faced with a three-hook bra, it becomes more difficult ... Not much to unbutton, but to tighten. Imagine a bra with 5 or 6 hooks. Who is not very elastic has to follow the old trick of turning a bra and then buttoning it.
The cost savings have already generated bras with a single hook. Imagine if the hook breaks and the bra unbuttons on the street!

But with the advent of bralettes, the hooks may disappear. I don't know why, but I often think that a bra without hooks is not a bra. It is not the same fun. It is part of the "magic" of the bra, as is the famous "hug" of the band and the feeling of the straps on our shoulders!

One of the advantages of wearing bras is that you can do these reflections!

And you, what do you think of the bra hooks?


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I used to worry about that when I first started wearing in public. But certain shirt, it's hard to see the hooks and adjusters. Plus I use extenders 

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When I first started wearing a bra, I would wear a dark colored, a size bigger shirt to hide things.   Now, I wear a regular size shirt and don’t care if people notice hooks or straps.   It’s their problem, not mine.   I’m just trying to be comfortable.

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I used to worry about what people might think or say if they could tell I wear a bra. Now, I don't really care if they see it, but I also try and not to stand out either taking an extra moment to be sure things look good. For me it has more to do with neat appearance than being made. I am a DD in size, it's kinda hard not to notice so I want to present the best appearance I can. As strange as it might sound, I want the girls to look their best and if that means a bra, then so be it. I have found that if I am presenting the best appearance as I present male, I get noticed less.

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It's not strange at all. I won't go braless in public either. I don't like how I look or feel. I know that I tend to slouch and having the girls running wild under my top just draws more attention to my chest. For those of us with larger breasts, boob sweat is a very real problem. I usually wear a lace cup underwire bra which is very light and breathes very well and it keeps the girls up and above the inframammary fold.

With boobs like ours, wearing a bra is our best option. It's much less invasive and costly than surgery. It's just an article of clothing. However it's an article of clothing that we get great benefits from

Bras aren't for women, they're for breasts.


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