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With Spring here I am finally engaging in my favorite outdoor activity (which thank goodness is not swimming).  I thoroughly enjoy cycling.  As my breasts have grown I have become more and more aware of the fact that they are more and more pronounced in my rather form-fitting cycling jerseys (that's just the way they make them). Yesterday while riding it was hot so as I usually do, I unzipped my jersey to help with cooling.  I was glad I was alone because I felt like my breasts fell out of my jersey as I leaned over to ride.  So, I need suggestions.  I need a bra for cycling that more or less meets these specs.
  • Is cool and does not add to my body overheating
  • Will hold my breasts as flat as possible
  • Is as invisible as possible given the way cycling jerseys fit
I'm hoping that someone out there has a suggestion even though their experience may not be related to cycling.

Update:  Got two new bras that fit my criteria.  Both from Danskin. I should have listed one more criteria, keeps the high beams suppressed. Neither new bra does that but they work nicely.

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That looks uncomfortable 

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Look at under armor.
This looks like a really for fitting tank top when shown on the outline, if it shows at all.
I wear these and some nike brands under my uniform for certain activities.

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Is that some kind of heart rate monitor?

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Yes. Garmin monitor.

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I like my Freya and Panache encapsulating sports bras. They are as comfortable as my everyday bras. I'm not sure if the sizing works for you but it may something that you want to look at .
Bras aren't for women, they're for breasts.

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If you have concerns about the straps being visible, wear a jersey that has a pattern on the back.  Solid colour jerseys will show the outline under it.
I have several Underarmour sports bras and they work really well for cycling.

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I guess the size of your heart rate monitor is your bra band size LOL


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