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I have mentioned it in a reply elsewhere on the forum but I thought it was worth a new post so folk won't miss. 
When it comes to concealment, yes fairly strongly patterned bra under a patterned shirt is helpful, but a tip from a sympathetic female friend for which I shall be forever grateful is to try a red bra (some shades better than others). I know it is counter intuitive but red shows far less than white and neutral shades - even under many plain white tops.

For the record I do not sunbathe and have skin that I is very pale. 
Worth a try folks


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Hard to imagine  that a red bra would be less visible than a nude like color. Maybe we need a "dazzle" pattern like they used on battle ships in WWI to reduce the visibility to submarines. 
If the bra fits, wear it.


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 Blad. If it had not been a supportive female friend I would have thought it was a wind up, but I trusted her and she's right


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