Author Topic: Bought under armour but need advice on cutting it a bit.. thanks.  (Read 4931 times)

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Hi, I bought this today and its really comfortable, does a great job in hiding gyno and plus it keeps me cool and dry. But i want to trim around the kneck as shown in the pic. Would i only ruin it if i cut it with a scissors, i dont want to wreck as it was expensive and im pretty broke. Its a stretchy nylon kinda fabric and im thinkin if i cut it that it would lose its shape.

Any advice would be great thanks


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You need good scissors like Ginghers and then probably need a machine like a serger to sew the edge to protect it from unraveling.  

I would go find someone who sews, either professionally or at home who has a serger and knows how to use it.  Sergers have like 3-4 needles and thread and do that real nice soft edge inside of a shirt.  

Look at how this does it.  Basically a serger cuts a perfect edge AND sews it at nearly the same time.  Yes, machines are fairly expensive.

I would not cut the shirt without consulting someone who knows fabric very well, some performance materials are not able to be cut easily without ruining them. 

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You can buy shirts like you're wanting, without having to cut it.  Look around the UA site or Underworks....

Check out the tank shirts.  You can wear them under anything and they don't show.  Something like this, maybe...


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