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I'm some months (6?) past my previous post (, and while continuing on my journey to being cancer free (one tumor left in my liver, radiation starts in 12 days!) there have been new, um developments.

In particular my size has increased to 42ddd, yar, none 'o me bras fit.  What an odd complaint to have.

Anyway, what I've also got is pain under my nipples. Mostly I'd describe it as soreness - not in the unpleasant itself but in a two inch diameter disk breath them.  It's basically the same on both sides and is more accurately  described as soreness rather than pain. I've always had the extra weight here and I *think* that I remember similar pains some years ago - but had not yet made an association with my growth being other than tub-o-lard'ness. Now I suspect, nope, actual growth.

The question then: I've worn underwire bras but always associated them more with "support" of the whole general mishmash rather than aiding this particular unpleasantness. When this new spurt started, I bought a sports bra thinking that the compression would aid with the discomfort so a sports bra would be more appropriate.  Example:

SYROKAN Women's High Impact Wire Free Full Supportive Racerback Pro Sports Bra

But the compression didn't seem to help the discomfort, size 42dd.  I tried a few other sports bra style things with similar results.

But then I got (in 42e) one of these puppy wranglers:

Delimira Women's Full Coverage Underwire Non-padded Embroidered Minimizer Bra

Which was not only more comfortable, seemed to show less as well. (Minimizer being a key word here, I guess). I'm inclined to go full on underwire-minimizer if this is really helping me. (And I guess I'm the only one that can say - I'm just having my mind blown a little by the topology of the whole thing.)

So: anyone have any experience or advice in minimizing the soreness, while also minimizing or hiding the whole set of unpleasantness?  It seems illogical that something so structured could hide more and feel better.

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I can say this about that. My latest bra that I was just fitted for is a Fantasie Jacqueline in a 36I. I've found that comfort and concealment are inversely proportional. I wear underwire bras exclusively. I tend to gravitate more towards regular full coverage bras with a cut and sew cup. These do a good job minimizing as well. 

The way you describe the soarness in your boobs, it sounds like you are definitely growing. I know that it seems scary, moving into the E and F cups but don't worry, it's just a letter. It's the fit that counts. 

I don't mind having breasts or.wearing wearing a bra. It's just part of who I am and what I do.
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Bras aren't for women, they're for breasts.

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Haven't seen one of these posted here, but in all its gory and potentially personally identifying glory, may I present a recent CT scan.  The gyno appears at about 2.5 to 3s in.  I've not had a mammogram or sonography, but bilateral gynecomastia was mentioned in several of the radiology reports:

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I have the same problem you have but only under the right nipple and I am only a 36B but I found that (for me) a padded bra eases the pain.   It has been hanging arounf for months with no change and no growth spurts.  I have had a mammogram and all the said was I didn't have breast cancer and that I did have gynecomastia.  No surprise on either counts.
If you got them flaunt them.  We all wear bras so wear what you like and to hell with the rest.


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