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i have gyno , its not that bad but my nipples are really puffy, they poke through everything, only thing that helps is taping my nipples downwards so they arent puffy, the gyne itself isnt ad

i just want it hidden enough so i can wear a baggy shirts and not have it come through,

any ideas on shirts to get? whats the best kinds



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I have to wear a bra to support my breast size 46H and a button down shirt does just fine! No one ever said a word so if I can do that with the size I have I'm sure you can too! You can see a picture in "I'm bigger then I thought" thread in acceptance if you want to see how big they are.

Good luck.

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Hi Byrsonlee,

As you are in the acceptance forum, we should talk a bit about the first thing you said, "taping my nipples downwards so they arent puffy"

Really going thru all that hassel, why not accept that there are support garments available to do just this, and much more comfortable than sticking tape to your chest.  Trust what others have learned to be true is the  first step.

Many different choices out there for comfortable Bra's that do just this, yes I said the B word!
If you want comfort and nipple concealment, only a well chosen good fitting bra can do that.  Once you get past this phobia, than we can talk lots of shirt choices to keep this first step unannounced to the world. 



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