Author Topic: A couple of recent articles on men and bras  (Read 2281 times)


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It seems the stigma of men who have to wear a bra is starting to be discussed at least in female blogs who represent themselves as "breast and bra experts".

An article on the industry...

An article on the need for some men to wear a sports bra...



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Good articles, thanks!

Elizabeth Dale has been a good advocate for men who need to wear a garment (commonly a bra) of some sort for Gyne. 

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Tom, are you the Tom that helped guide Rachel on the second article you posted? I wrote her a quick email, thanking her for being open minded and willing to admit a error in judgement and make corrections.


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That was Tom and I was intoduced to her by Tom to also add my comments as well! I'm not sure what article that Tom posted, but if it was the one that she redid after the first that Tom took the time to bring her attention to guys like us, it sure woke her up!


I went on the second link and that was both Tom and myself that were quoted!


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