Dr. Saeed Marefat

Dr. Saeed Marefat


Saeed Marefat, M.D., F.A.C.S., is a Virginia plastic surgery specialist who offers a number of cosmetic surgery procedures. Board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), Dr. Marefat provides rhinoplasty, BOTOX® Cosmetic injections, tummy tuck surgery, breast lift surgery, and breast augmentation in Virginia. He also offers eyelid surgery, tissue fillers, lip augmentation, facelift surgery, and treatment for gynecomastia, laser surgery, and liposuction. In Virginia, Dr. Marefat is considered to be a leading liposuction specialist.

Dr. Marefat has been practicing in the Washington metropolitan area since 1992. He obtained his medical degree with distinction (AOA) from Georgetown University in 1985. He then embarked on his residency training at Georgetown, first in general surgery (1985-1989), and later in plastic and reconstructive surgery (1989-1991). After his residency was completed, he underwent further post-graduate training at New York University, specializing in reconstructive microsurgery (1991-1992). Dr. Marefat has been affiliated with many of the finest medical facilities in the greater Washington metropolitan area since the completion of his training, including Inova Fairfax Hospital, Inova Alexandria Hospital, and Potomac Hospital. During his many years of practice, he has been dedicated to the art of plastic surgery in the truest sense by being both an accomplished "artist" and a conscientious “surgeon.”
Saeed Marefat has been painting from an early age, and over the past 20 years he has experimented with various other mediums such as sculpture, photography, and film. He is primarily a figurative painter and sculptor, although he continues to explore possibilities of abstract design for expressing conceptual subject matters in a visual format. Artistic creativity plays a major role in all aspects of his life, both personally and professionally. In fact, he views plastic surgery as another outlet for artistic expression. In this case, the human body itself becomes the medium through which a sculptor/surgeon creates perfect form and balance.


Today many people are taking advantage of surgical procedures to restore their physical appearance or to improve a trait that has always been a cause of low self-esteem.  However, the goal of plastic surgery is not to restore youth or to strive for an 'ideal' form regardless of the cost.  The aim should be to resore your image so that it more closely resembles who you are inside.

My objective is to resore your youthfulness and elegance without obvious signs of surgery.  I want you to remain 'yourself' yet look healthier, rested, and more youthful.  I will create that shape of nose, breast, or body that was meant for you, not the model in a fashion magazine.  And again, I will do this without signs of surgery . . . without taking away your natural appearance.

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