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Having dealt with numerous gynecomastia patients, I have developed an array of suction cannulas that allow me to remove the majority of the gynecomastia problem via liposuction alone. This allows a very homogenous reduction in breast size with decreased risk of contour irregularities. Sometimes, there is a residual nodule of dense breast tissue directly under the areola that does require a small incision to remove adequately.
If there is skin laxity, skin resection may be necessary. This is done in a graduated approach. If the skin excess is minimal then a small superior skin excision will usually solve the problem. When there is significant skin laxity, a donut resection is usually necessary. This does a wonderful job of removing excess skin AND flattening the chest at the same time
In general I prefer to avoid removing skin during the initial surgery since the skin may contract on its own and I would rather keep incisions to a minimum. I will perform second stage skin excisions under local anesthesia if necessary at about 3-6 months later. My philosophy is that it is critical to avoid the operated look.
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Gynecomastia, enlarged male breasts, can seriously affect the psyche of a man. In our society, it is all right for a man to have a few extra pounds around his stomach but not on the chest. I am not sure why this is but I suspect it is because of the feminizing quality that breast fat brings out. Many of my patients describe not being able to take of their shirt in public and, sometimes, even with their lover. This brings up many self-esteem issues. Within the media, treatment of gynecomastia does not get the attention that other plastic surgery procedures do, most likely because of the embarrassment associated with it. This is unfortunate; gynecomastia is very treatable. As a plastic surgeon, gynecomastia treatment is exceptionally satisfying to me because the results are predictably good. There are some men with poor quality skin who do not respond as well as others, but for the vast majority, the results are very good. It is not just the results that satisfy me but also the enhanced self-esteem that I see within my gynecomastia patients. I believe this is why gynecomastia has become a big part of my practice.



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