Dr. Timothy Alexander

Dr. Timothy Alexander


Dr. Alexander has been performing Cosmetic Surgery independently at his private practice in South Florida since 1982. More than 95% of Dr. Alexander’s private patients are personal referrals.


Dr. Alexander’s training combined with his 30 years of active practice make him one of the best trained and most experienced plastic surgeons in Florida. To better serve his patients, Dr. Alexander keeps up to date with the latest advances in plastic surgery by regularly attending to symposiums and continuing education programs in the field of Cosmetic Surgery throughout the United States and internationally. Procedures Offered: Dr. Alexander offers various procedures that are designed specifically for male patients to further enhance and improve their appearance. Including Gynecomastia, Pectoral Implants, Facelift, Buttocks Augmentation and Body Contouring. Gynecomastia surgery is performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. There are several different methods that can be performed depending on the severity of each patient’s condition. During your consultation, Dr. Alexander will take your personal preferences into account and determine if gynecomastia surgery will be beneficial for you. Liposuction (Usually recommended for puffy nipples and No skin excess): When only excessive fatty tissue exists, liposuction can be performed alone to contour the breasts. A cannula (thin hollow tube) is inserted through an incisions under the breasts and fat deposits are suctioned out. Periareolar Incision (Recommended for Minimal to Mild skin excess): An incision is made around the areola (dark part of the skin) where excess skin and glandular tissue are excised. After the desired amount of tissue and fat deposits are removed, the chest is recontoured to a more attractive physique. The incisions are then closed using sutures. Double Incision (For large breasts and Severe to Extreme skin excess) Incisions are made around the areolas to remove excess skin and glandular tissue. After the desired amount of each is removed, the areolas are moved to a higher, more attractive position. Dr. Alexander also performs FTM TOP Surgeries for Transmen.

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Timothy Alexander, MD, PA
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Timothy Alexander, MD, PA
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