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Dr. Babak Dadvand grew up in Philadelphia. From a very young age he had an understanding of and fascination with the relationship between the arts and sciences. Indeed, when he went on to pursue an Ivy League education at the University of Pennsylvania, he double majored in chemistry and fine arts to further explore these areas. Dr. Dadvand concentrated his fine arts studies in the fields of oil painting and figure sculpture with a particular focus on portraiture. This has in turn served to hone his eyes and understanding of the human form, which was accentuated by his study of human anatomy in medical school. Dr. Dadvand brings his fine arts background, which above all else gives him a discerning eye when examining patients. He is able to pin point with gentle accuracy facial as well as body features that may be enhanced through his talents.

Dr. Dadvand graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania and was further recognized for his outstanding achievements by being named a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

Dr. Dadvand went on to medical school at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine where he was drawn to the surgical specialties. After earning his doctorate of Medicine (MD) he went on to the prestigious Cleveland Clinic Foundation where he completed a full General Surgery training program. He excelled both clinically and academically, with multiple publications upon completion of his training.

Dr. Dadvand passed both the written and oral examinations to become Board Certified by the American Board of Surgery. He was then accepted to the plastic surgery program at Indiana University Medical Center, a rigorous top-tier program. Here, he honed his skills in all facets of plastic surgery, including cleft-lip/palate repair, head and neck reconstruction, and breast reconstruction. Dr. Dadvand also utilized his time at Indiana University to pursue academic interests, including publications in peer review journals.

Dr. Dadvand drew from years of training and experience during his advanced aesthetic fellowship in Beverly Hills. He knew that all the additional years of training he pursued were necessary to gain true expertise in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. Dr. Dadvand incorporated his aesthetic training to perform many aesthetic surgical procedures. He also has had extensive training in autologous fat grafting to the face and body, a technique with which most plastic surgeon have limited experience. Dr. Dadvand enjoys all aspects of aesthetic plastic surgery, including facial rejuvenation, nose, breast, and body sculpting work. He has come full circle in incorporating his fine arts background and love for science and uses the latest innovations in plastic surgery to obtain the best results for his patients.


Dr. Babak Dadvand is a double-board certified plastic surgeon and a breast specialist. His passions are both breast surgery and revision breast surgery for men and women. Dr. Dadvand has a strong understanding of the importance of a patient's self-image and does not take his responsibility lightly. His relationship with patients begins with the consultation and lasts beyond the operating room. Dr. Dadvand's initial goal is to help patients feel comfortable communicating what they hope to improve realistically. His relationship with patients is based on trust, confidence and knowledge.

Dr. Dadvand dedicates a significant amount of his practice to gynecomastia surgery. Gynecomastia is actually quite common. However, men with gynecomastia tend to feel embarrassed and most men rarely, if ever, feel comfortable removing their shirts.  Dr. Dadvand takes the time to understand the cause of a patient's gynecomastia and how it affects them. Dr. Dadvand then develops a tailored plan suited for that individual's form of gynecomastia.   Gynecomastia surgery is not a cookie cutter procedure.  Every patient needs a surgical plan that is directed not only to their physical findings but also to their goals.  Dr. Dadvand is a perfectionist who helps patients achieve their desired results. His fine arts background in figure sculpture and oil painting helps unite his artistic vision with his surgical execution.

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